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Why Join Our Network?

Reduce costs. Improve care. Save lives.

Technology-Based Programs

We support the implementation of technology-based programs: Telehealth, Remote Monitoring, and more.

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Contract Credentialing

We credential your practice with value-based care contracts offering financial performance incentives.

Process Improvements

We partner with your staff and care team to help implement process improvement initiatives.

Education & Resources

We provide valuable education and resources to aid in your practice’s success in value-based care contracts.

Best Practices

We share learnings and best practices with new technology-based care delivery methods.

Future Planning

We are always planning and looking ahead at new payment models to fortify the future of your practices.

We help.

We help by developing strong relationships, comprehensive staff training programs, assisting with technology and innovation enhancements, providing audit and reporting tools, and sharing best practices with you. Count on Zenith to provide quality, reliable practice support to you and your care team. We know each practice has unique growth goals. We partner with your practice to support you in achieving these goals.

We understand.

At Zenith Independent Physician Network, we understand that quality patient care is at the forefront of everything our partners do. That’s why we provide you with extensive practice and patient support tools that make it easier to do just that – put your patients FIRST.

Let's get started.

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