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Success & Innovation in Healthcare

through effective clinician alignment

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Who We Are

Zenith IPA is a revolutionary network of like-minded primary care clinicians partnered together with Innovista Health Solutions to achieve maximum efficiencies on the ever-changing landscape of value-based care. We are quickly expanding across Central, West, and South Texas – welcoming strong, independent clinical leaders to join our successful network.

FREE of cost

There is absolutely no cost to become a Zenith Partner and joining is easy.


You will partner with some of the strongest independent voices in healthcare.


Zenith Independent Physician Network is led by primary care clinicians.


You will gain valuable experience and knowledge about value-based contracts.

Idea Flow


Join like-minded clinicians who desire to maintain their independence.

Why Join Zenith IPA

"I’m reaching out to all the Primary Care Clinicians that are independent in Texas. As you are probably aware, there is massive corporate takeover of healthcare – basically invading our space. It really impedes on our ability to take care of patients the way we really want to... So, what can we do about it? What we can do is come together as one voice in the market to create leverage... There is power in numbers."

Clinical Partners

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Strategic Partner

Innovista Health Solutions is a population health management company that offers management and support services to guide independent physicians through the everchanging world of value-based care. With services and toolsets including network development, population health management, delegated services, data reporting, and strategic capital investments, Innovista is structured to help us succeed in all Commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid value programs.

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